Favorite Things

With her keen eye of observation, Gayle Garner Roski finds beauty in our surroundings that most people overlooked in today’s fast-paced existence. Paying closer attention to objects of everyday life reveals an array of brilliant new colors, which she celebrates with her close-up detailed work. With her watercolor paintings of objects that have captivated her imagination, Gayle uses patterned borders and acrylic frames, which act as windows that invite the viewer into her world.


This new series, being created for a special exhibition that will be presented at the 80-year-old race track in the fall of 2016, sets out to capture the pageantry of thoroughbred racing. Nestled near the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, Santa Anita Park is considered by many to be the most beautiful race track in the world and host to some of the most prominent racing events.

The Selfie

Roski believes that artists, who are inherently observers, have a lot in common with cultural anthropologists, as both are adept at noticing and commenting on trends in society. With this body of work, “The Selfie,” the artist explores the current selfie craze and the unwavering desire to record one’s own personal history.

Treasures from Around the World

Roski has created several series of paintings of artifacts with which she has become enamored during her travels around the globe. These cultural treasures have included Chinese calligraphy brushes, Italian pottery from Tuscany, baskets from Africa and Bhutan and more. Her painting of colorful Zulu baskets that she discovered during a trip to South Africa won the Jesse Arms Botke Award at California Art Club’s 104th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition.